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Mark Carwardine - Baja California

• This was our first trip to Baja and it will not be our last! Everything about the trip was sensational, the boat, the outstanding crew and above all Mark and Rachel. The Spirit of Adventure could not be better equipped for whale watching, nor could the crew be more professional, enthusiastic, attentive and also great fun. The wildlife and environment are breathtaking. We knew we would have a great experience from other testimonials and our knowledge of Mark, but we were not prepared for just how good this trip was. If you only do one whale watching trip in your life, then this should be the one. Every day brought new and truly memorable encounters with whales, dolphins and birds; in short this was a perfect trip.

G. B. & J. V. (Alderley Edge, Cheshire)

• The trip was more than I had hoped for. It was so much more than a holiday - it was a life-changing event that has moved and inspired me more than anything else ever has or probably ever will. That place is truly touched by magic. Mark, Rachel, and all the crew were brilliant, and the whole package came together so beautifully, it was as if it were meticulously stage-managed every day. Never has money been so well spent!

D. L. (Bengeo, Hertford)

• I can honestly say that having worked for more than 30 years at sea that I am totally impressed with and in awe at the friendliness, professionalism and skill of the Spirit of Adventure crew. I would not consider doing any similar trip with anyone other than Mark and Rachel who make the perfect team, showing total commitment and passion for their jobs and do their utmost to make this the holiday of a lifetime for all. We have come away from this trip with new-found friends, enhanced photographic skills and a greater knowledge of the natural world than we started with. It certainly seemed much more than just a holiday to us and touched us very deeply. Our experiences will never be forgotten.

T. S. (Romsey, Hampshire)

• Baja has to be the ultimate destination for whale watching. The close whale encounters you get will last forever, especially with the greys. Add a few thousand dolphins, a colony of northern elephant seals, a fantastically crewed boat, the experience of Mark and Rachel, and this becomes a truly amazing experience.

M. W. Bristol

• A truly amazing holiday, awe-inspiring whale encounters and stunning scenery, coupled with the professionalism, knowledge and humour of Mark and Rachel, made this a trip that will be difficult to surpass.

D. C. (Worthing, West Sussex)

• We have watched whales all over the world, but these were the most memorable experiences, particularly the grey whales nudging our skiff. Added to this, many other close up wildlife sightings, a wonderfully organised trip and a very helpful crew.

C & A D (Beckley, Oxford)

• The key experiences for me: blue whales, especially the fluking ones; dolphins at night lit up by bioluminescence; stroking a whale; being a matter of metres from a breaching humpback; seeing a rare Peruvian beaked whale. But most important was the enthusiasm of Mark and Rachel.

C. G. (Saffron Walden, Essex)

• Exhilarating is probably the best word to describe my time  on board The Spirit of Adventure. Any one of the days would have been enough to keep me smiling for a very long time, but to encounter something different - and awe inspiring - every day for nigh on two weeks solid was truly amazing! Let me put it this way. Before my Baja experience I'd never photographed a whale spy-hopping (I now have a 'portfolio'.), I'd never hugged a grey whale calf, and I'd never seen a blue whale. this trip isn't a 'holiday' – it’s a privilege!

M. R. (Manchester)

• The skill of the skipper and the friendliness of the crew combined with the passion and enthusiam of Mark and Rachel on the Spirit of Adventure made this whale-watching trip the experience of a lifetime. Of course the stars of the show were the many species of whale we saw fluking and spyhopping and breaching, the scores of dolphins who came leaping along for the ride and the friendly grey whales who came with their calves to greet us in the San Ignacio lagoon - and so much more.

A. C. (London)

• Extremely hard-working and friendly crew, knowledgeable guides and unbelievable photographic opportunities really do make make this the best whalewatching trip you will ever go on. Our close encounters with the grey whales of San Ignacio, and seeing blue whales for the first time, are memories that will remain with me forever. An amazing trip, I cannot wait to go back.

D. R. (Snodland, Kent)

• The trip was amazing and exceeded all my expectations. Seeing so much wildlife was wonderful, at times it was hard to know where to look, with humpbacks off one side of the boat and mobula rays the other. Finally seeing a blue whale was awesome and scratching the head of a baby grey whale is one of my abiding memories. To be in the company of so many lovely people with a shared interest in preserving our wildlife and heritage was reassuring.

C. D. (Knutsford, Cheshire)

• How can one describe the Baja trip? To see AND touch grey whale, such gentle giants, offering their calves to us to be stroked. It simply blows your mind - and is very humbling. Why can't humans be as open and giving to strangers? Definitely the experience of a lifetime.

L. M. (Hulton, North Somerset)

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