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Wrangel Island Expedition Cruise, Russian Far East

17 July-2 August 2021

A very special expedition, with outstanding photographic opportunities, to one of the least explored wildernesses on Earth! This 14-night expedition cruise travels along the Chukotka Peninsula, across the Bering Strait (which separates Russia from the United States), crosses the Arctic Circle, continues west along the wild coastline of Siberia, and then 140km further north to one of the most remote wildlife hotspots in the world: Wrangel Island.

It boasts an astonishing abundance of wildlife, including the largest polar bear denning ground in the world and is home to Pacific walruses, wolverines, muskoxen, vast seabird colonies, and much, much more. We will enjoy lots of Zodiac cruises, and plenty of landings. Add mammoth tusks, hundreds of tundra plant species, phenomenal geological formations, and you can begin to understand why this High Arctic island is so special. With landscape photographer Joe Cornish.

Group size 44 people

Cost per person From £13,395 (including flights)

Availability Places still available

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Organised by Wildlife Worldwide T: +44 (0) 1962 302 086


Carbon offsetting your flights

We use the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced programme which enables travellers to offset their residual greenhouse gas emissions through the protection and restoration of carbon-rich wildlife habitats in the tropics.

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