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Mark’s inspiring BBC Wildlife Photography programmes on YouTube are a great opportunity to relish and master the craft of wildlife photography. This is the go-to place for wildlife photographers at any level. Every episode is packed with practical tips and tricks and fresh ideas, there are interviews with top wildlife photographers around the world, and loads of creative dazzle in between.

We are also able to offer great value e-books on wildlife photography, free technical sheets to download and a fabulous photography week with Mark in Hungary. There are links to all the programmes at the bottom of this page.

Free fact sheets to download

Click on the following to get detailed technical and background information for each of Mark’s YouTube episodes:-

Episode 1
In the Field with Sam Hobson how to photograph urban foxes

In the Field: how to photograph urban foxes

Episode 2
Wildlife Photography Hotspot, Snettisham, Norfolk

Photography Hotspot: Snettisham, Norfolk

Episode 3
Interview with Sergey Gorshkov

Interview with
Sergey Gorshkov

Episode 4
Photography and backgrounds

Backgrounds: 1 of 3 critical elements

Episode 5
Interview with Hungarian wildlife photographer, Bence Mate

Interview with Bence Mate, about hides

Episode 6
In the garden badgers

Badgers (using remote camera & camera trap)

Episode 7
Garden birds on perches

Photographing perching garden birds

Episode 8
Why aperture priority is best

Understanding aperture, shutter speed & ISO

Episode 9
How to photograph whales, dolphins and porpoises

How to photograph whales & dolphins

Episode 10
How to photograph birds in flight

Photographing birds in flight

Watch all 10 of Mark’s YouTube BBC Wildlife Masterclasses

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